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We believe in honoring
Every fresh, delicious bite.

From the moment a fig is picked, a clock begins to tick. For its flavor is never better, brighter, or sweeter than when it is perfectly ripe. Prolonging that freshness—that fleeting peak taste and texture—is the single-minded mission of Sub-Zero.


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Find your distinctivestyle

With a vast selection of customizable full-size designs, widths, and styles, Sub-Zero units are designed to serve the needs of any space and enhance any décor.

Thousands of design options

Sub-Zero offers the widest selection of refrigeration solutions—various widths, innovative configurations, and limitless exterior customization with stainless or custom cabinet panels and hardware.

Fresher, more flavorful food

There’s more to preservation than keeping food cold. Sub-Zero extends freshness with pioneering refrigeration technology that precisely controls temperature, optimizes humidity, and scrubs the air of impurities.

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To keep food at its perfect temperature, chilled or frozen, GE Appliances offers a range of refrigerators to fit your space. We provide the most innovative refrigerator technologies—our smart fridges can be monitored and send alerts from almost anywhere via our Smart HQ app and your mobile device.

Size and Capacity

Enjoy flexibility in wine storage unit widths as well as bottle capacity.



Stainless vs. custom panel-ready options: Select the classic, clean look of stainless steel or custom panels to coordinate with existing cabinetry.


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